Youngstown Shakedown II - Sonny Days

Here is the latest Youngstown Shakedown Trailer. A hilarious fictional off-beat comedy about a city council with a mission to revitalize a steel town.  Desperate for funds, they solicit money from the mobster Sonny's widow, who makes very strange demands.  One absurd scene after another will have you laughing until the surprise ending. 


The 1940's in Youngstown, Ohio was a breeding ground of Union anger mixed with horrible work conditions in the Steel mills. This led to rival mob families competing for the rights to control the town. Stash (John R. Kovach, Jr.) the mob bagman tries to act as a neutral force between the two rival mobsters Sonny (Dan Rios) and Carlo (Anthony Lordi). Through all the action and fast paced violence the one left standing will rule....... Featuring: JOHN R. KOVACH JR. / DAN RIOS / ANTHONY LORDI.



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